About Us

With over 25 years of experience producing high-touch events for businesses, organizations, and entertainers, Diversified Media Production Group has a coast-to-coast presence in the United States and maintains an international network of resources, enabling seamless collaboration and support worldwide.

Over 25 years of experience!

Specializing in experiential event production, our firm is renowned for combining technical mastery, innovation, and creativity. Diversified Media Production Group utilizes state-of-the-art stagecraft inclusive of lighting, sound, video, staging, and direction, to design and produce memorable shared experiences. Our technology is matched with artistry and superior production management.

Stage Design!

Our commitment to exceeding contractual milestones and enhancing visibility goes hand in hand with our dedication to making your events unforgettable. We achieve this by creating immersive experiences that deeply engage your audience. At Diversified Media Production Group, we don’t just produce shows; we transform your creative visions into unforgettable, brand-defining experiences.

Making your events unforgettable!